Women’s short hairstyles 2014

Women’s short hairstyles in 2014 – Keep Your Hair Looking Great.


In the contemporary hair-fashion world, short hairstyles are widely carried styles by women today. The trend of short hair continues and the year 2014, we are sure going to see some of the newest and trendies short hair cuts for women. Creativity in the haircut will definitely score high in this year as it will be the maximum showcasing the artistic touches in the short hair length.

Change Hairstyle With The Changing Trend
Short hairstyle cuts for women can look gorgeous and ravishing with all new creativity to catch the attention. Different haircuts for women are always have been in demand, so whatever the fashion trends might be the short hairstyles will always remain in demand.

Some women are born with straight hairs, whereas some have curls – no matter what type of hair you have got, the 2014 year has got some of the trendiest short hairstyles for women suiting their facial features.

Top Short Hairstyles 2014 For Women
If you are considering changing your look, this is the perfect timing to do so. With so many latest and trendiest short haircuts in fashion, you are guaranteed to find something marvelous. By getting a new short haircut, this tiny makeover can entirely change your look and personality. The best part of the short hair cut is they are easy to maintain and has less hassles of styling. In the short span of time, you can have a million dollar look.

From daring close cropped hairdo to pixie cuts to bob or adding some romantic curls there are hordes of ways to reinvent you. With hundreds of short hairstyles for women to choose from, below lined up are some of the best that gives a thumbs up and make you all set to start the 2014 year with a bang.

With asymmetrical bangs, this sexy short hairstyle look is perfect for both working women as well as homemaker. Slightly cut in bob style, it gives an extra oomph to your personality.


For those women who have bit curly hair, this is the best to go for. It has a messy look that gives your curls an unbalancing act by giving your hair a side part.

If you are looking for glam rock look, go for short layered spikey haircut. It is easy to style with a gel or hairspray. It gives you clean and that entire professional potent look.

You are dying to have that tom boy look, but not that old typical hair cut but a trendiest one, wait till you see this. It is the combination of pixie look with layered cut that is been styled boyishly.

With these short hairstyles, create a daring and unique look for yourself. Enough of that boring bob cuts, now is the time to change so why not get fresher look suiting your face and personality.



Above is Post and Pictures of Top Short Hairstyles 2014

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